15 May 2010

Monster Painting

Oh, hey, surprise. I made something. This is for my cousin's bathroom, but keep it on the down low because she hasn't seen it yet.

You can click it to see it bigger, but the photo isn't spectacular so maybe you don't really need to. You'll see more texture though. That nose is like, craters there.

11 October 2009

Something Really Important

Let me tell you about my Friday morning.

10 October 2009

Hello, here is a drawing that shows you my troubles with perspective and environment. Or a doodle anyway. I need to learn to manage my time better so that I can do more drawings.

26 September 2009


Hello people. Here are some faces I drew of some characters I'm developing. They are bigger than they really need to be, but oh well. They're all pretty much looking off-screen because I drew them in chunks together and I will almost all the time draw characters looking at each other. So, you know. Try not to be too weirded out.

In life news, I am now working a job and doing a bit of school so I don't find a huge amount of extra time considering that I seem to be sleeping a lot.

14 September 2009

Oh, hello there

Well I guess I will start updating again every so often. So here are some things I drew!

This did not actually happen today, but last week.

And here are some drawings of specimens in a medical museum that I visited in London:

And also a church/garden museum which was kinda lame except that the garden part was in the graveyard.

In other news, school has started and I am taking lifedrawing again which I guess means I should take some photos of that to post here. So far we have only been doing gesture drawings. Also I have been job hunting and will be doing a sort of trial starting tomorrow which means I might have a job soon. I will have to start being more careful with my time.

27 July 2009

A Post

Hello people, here is a thing I drew today of some characters not getting any action.

Also I am leaving for England on Wednesday so now it's like I have an actual excuse for not updating!

27 June 2009

Still Life Painting

And here is the painting I did today. I scanned it so the colors won't be 100% accurate, but this is more or less what it looks like.

I am going to drive you all away if I do too much of this copying from life nonsense, aren't I.

Still Life

Here is a still life I set up and drew with my sisters yesterday.

And here is the finished version of that thing from the last post. It's just like a romance novel probably!

20 June 2009

Things That Should Happen

I'm working on this at Tegaki, but here it is for you all to look at now because I don't expect the sketch to survive well. The sketch and end are always quite different beasts. You can find me at Sharkface.

Also I am still sporadically doing things at Monthies, and there are a lot of great posts by other people.

08 June 2009

Road Trip

I am home from the road trip I just went on to San Francisco. Here are some cars I drew in the airport on the way home:

And here are some comics about the trip! (they might not read well =\ )
June 3rd
June 4th
June 5th
June 6th