27 June 2009

Still Life Painting

And here is the painting I did today. I scanned it so the colors won't be 100% accurate, but this is more or less what it looks like.

I am going to drive you all away if I do too much of this copying from life nonsense, aren't I.

Still Life

Here is a still life I set up and drew with my sisters yesterday.

And here is the finished version of that thing from the last post. It's just like a romance novel probably!

20 June 2009

Things That Should Happen

I'm working on this at Tegaki, but here it is for you all to look at now because I don't expect the sketch to survive well. The sketch and end are always quite different beasts. You can find me at Sharkface.

Also I am still sporadically doing things at Monthies, and there are a lot of great posts by other people.

08 June 2009

Road Trip

I am home from the road trip I just went on to San Francisco. Here are some cars I drew in the airport on the way home:

And here are some comics about the trip! (they might not read well =\ )
June 3rd
June 4th
June 5th
June 6th

02 June 2009

Car Month

It's a new month and we are now drawing cars at Monthies. I'm probably going to draw classics for a while.

1964 Dodge Dart and 1964 Ford Falcon Spirit

Also I am going on a road trip tomorrow so I won't have anything new for a few days. See you later!