26 September 2009


Hello people. Here are some faces I drew of some characters I'm developing. They are bigger than they really need to be, but oh well. They're all pretty much looking off-screen because I drew them in chunks together and I will almost all the time draw characters looking at each other. So, you know. Try not to be too weirded out.

In life news, I am now working a job and doing a bit of school so I don't find a huge amount of extra time considering that I seem to be sleeping a lot.

14 September 2009

Oh, hello there

Well I guess I will start updating again every so often. So here are some things I drew!

This did not actually happen today, but last week.

And here are some drawings of specimens in a medical museum that I visited in London:

And also a church/garden museum which was kinda lame except that the garden part was in the graveyard.

In other news, school has started and I am taking lifedrawing again which I guess means I should take some photos of that to post here. So far we have only been doing gesture drawings. Also I have been job hunting and will be doing a sort of trial starting tomorrow which means I might have a job soon. I will have to start being more careful with my time.